Political and Regulatory Monitoring & Analysis

You’re head of a small, fast-growing, game-changing business. How will regulatory trends in your market affect you?

By conducting in depth, up to the minute research we can identify worldwide regulatory trends in your sector. And by using our political expertise and connections across the EU, find out crucial information on upcoming regulations and how they might impact on you.

In the UK and across Europe, we keep one step ahead of changes, so when you need us we’re ready to guide you.

Advocacy and Campaigning

You’re creating a new market. You need regulation on your side from the start.

We can help you craft your arguments and clearly communicate your points of view. And with a large network across key EU member states we create important coalitions at every stage of the legislative process to ensure you get the best regulatory outcomes. If necessary, we also conduct strategic media campaigns to raise awareness of your issues.

We help shape the playing field you operate in by working closely with the authorities to define and steer policy. So it’s ready when you are.

Market Entry Services

You’re looking to expand your business into new areas. But if you don’t know the landscape you’re flying blind.

We conduct extensive research on the political and regulatory situation in new sectors or geographies and advise on the current regulations you need to comply with now, and evaluate the political and regulatory risks that may arise in the future. We ensure you’re well equipped to make the most appropriate market entry choices.

We get there first. Then let you know what you need to know.

Political Due Diligence

You want to merge or acquire another business. But if it’s an unfamiliar industry you’re taking a chance.

We research and evaluate the political and regulatory risks involved if you’re considering M&A, and investigate and analyse current and potential future regulations that may impact on your investment.

We can also give you comprehensive advice to help you achieve accurate valuations.

We’ve got it covered. And we’ll cover you.